A Healing Modality for 21st-Century Women

I wrote about Master Energy a few weeks ago. That blog post was pretty nuts-and-bolts. It didn't communicate the passion, and near reverence, I have for this new energy-healing modality.When the first glints of Master Energy began to appear in my third eye, I was curious. I was also doubtful.

  • Who am I to co-create a new healing modality?
  • Who am I to work with the Ascended Masters?

The oh-so-practical side of me answers those questions with a shrug. "Somebody has to."The oh-so-spiritual side of me answers those questions with a prayer. "Please let me be wise enough and strong enough."They're both equally true and important.

"Somebody has to."

Yes, somebody has to - had to. As wonderful as the healing modality the majority of people who seek such things are familiar with (Reiki) is, it's a male modality. It came through a wise man, in a masculine form. There's nothing "wrong" with that. The thing is, we're in a place in time where we need more - much more - of the feminine. There is a need for a distinctly feminine energy in a feminine form. Master Energy is that.

"Please let me be wise enough and strong enough."

There's a beautiful song called "Breath of Heaven." It's sung by Amy Grant, and its subtitle is "Mary's Song." The song is a prayer from the virgin Mary, and within its lyrics is this line:"Do you wonder, as you watch my face, if a wiser one should have had my place?"

It's a question that I've thought and sung many times over the past couple of months in the gestation of Master Energy. I'm working with the energies of spiritual greats, and that's something I have a hard time embracing for myself: that I am, in my own way, a spiritual great.

They see something in me, and that leads me to another question: Who am I to doubt their wisdom and choice?Master Energy: A Healing Modality for 21st-Century Women

A Healing Modality for Women, by Women

Master Energy was brought to me by the Ascended Masters as a whole, and yet its guiding force is purely feminine. It's an energy-healing modality that's meant for women; meant to be taught by women, and meant to be practiced by women. The practice of it can be shared with men, and yet only women can be attuned to it as practitioners and teachers.It's an unusual and unfamiliar concept in our male-dominated world. And I've come to understand that fact is, in great part, the very reason for its feminine exclusivity. The balance of power doesn't exist, and Master Energy is a way to help restore balance; to raise the feminine energy of and on this planet.Master Energy launches to the public on September 15. The website will go live on that same day. Here's to the 21st-century woman. Here's to the rise of the feminine. Here's to you.

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