70 Days and Counting

70 days. That's what remains of calendar-year 2015. It's a little breathtaking... a little exhilarating... and...That's combined with a mystical - even magical - quality through these final couple months of the calendar year.70 Days and Counting ~ 2016 is in sight. The calltoactive state is in full force for entrepreneurs.

Mystical and Magical

♦ Maybe it's the upcoming holiday season, which starts with Hallowe'en and ends with New Year's Eve.

♦ Maybe it's the waning daylight hours here in the Northern hemisphere, which lend themselves to introspection, or longer-deeper meditation.

♦ Maybe it's the increasing darkness, which lends itself to the lighting of candles and the sipping of tea, or hot chocolate, or both.

That quality wraps us in the softest and most comforting of blankets.

♦ It potentially invites us into a daydreamy restorative state.

♦ It potentially lulls us into a blank-screen meditative state.

♦ It potentially tucks us into a slumberous hibernative state.


♦ It potentially shells us into an idea-punctuated incubative state.

♦ It potentially leverages us into an inspired imaginative state.

♦ It potentially catapults us into a feverish calltoactive state.

(Yes, I just coined a new adjective: calltoactive. Please to go forth and hashtag it judiciously.)

The Calltoactive State

This state may be most prevalent in entrepreneurs (spiritpreneurs, solopreneurs, etc.), because it's prime time for mapping out the new calendar year.And while being in that calltoactive state can be super motivating, it can also be super challenging.In the calltoactive state -which is to the incubative state as the higher self is to the ego - we may:

♦ read the same page in Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic three times before comprehending it, because we

♦ find ourselves observing a veritable ticker-tape parade-load of ideas with our internal ViewMaster, which leads us to

♦ compulsively purchase notebooks and pens to record our notes and visions, and even then we may

♦ find sleep elusive as our minds work on overdrive.

Whew![bctt tweet="I'm in the #calltoactive state. Who's with me?"]On top of all that, the mixing bowl (cauldron?) of sensational, sexy, sizzling, soooo-good hits and ideas we've managed to wrangle are equal to or - gulp - lesser than the ones circling just out of reach.Tantalizing. Tempting. Titillating.Aaaah!This is the point I'm at. The ideas I'm wrangling into notebooks are lesser than the ones circling around me, and it's...Eep!I know I can't be the only one in this all-consuming calltoactive state that is so very craving-like.And, oh... If only...If only it was a craving, and if only that craving was dark chocolate.Then, we could just scratch the itch; have a couple squares - or a whole bar - and be done with it.Then again... Would it really satisfy?Next week, we'll look at the next best thing to dark chocolate.Tell me all about it: Are you in a calltoactive state, too?

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