7 Levels of the Energy Field

Almost everyone who's worked with me has heard me speak of the energy field which surrounds our human body.The energy field is our major defense and ally for all things energetic. Keeping it in as tip-top condition as possible, then, is hugely helpful and important.What makes our energy field tick, though? What are the ingredients that come together to form our energy field? Let's take a look.

The Seven Levels of the Energy Field

1. Etheric body.This level is the closest to your body, just a few inches beyond your skin. This level is associated with pain and pleasure and is the easiest to self-assess. This level is all about the physical: your senses and your body experiencing life.2. Emotional body.This level is a mirror for your feelings about yourself. When you don't love yourself enough, this level can look dirty like smog. If you do have a lot of self-blame or self-shame, energy healing can help lift your self-esteem and clear up this level of your field.3. Mental body.This level governs learning and focus and tends to be relatively strong in modern cultures. We tend to be intellectually motivated, often so much that we forget or ignore our emotions and "gut" reactions.4. Astral level.This is the level that is associated with your relationship to everything in the universe, everything outside yourself. If this level is weak, you may avoid intimacy and have difficulty with relationships.5. Etheric template.This level is so important, it holds the blueprint for your physical form and is the level that connects to Divine will. If you feel as if you are disconnected from many aspects of your life, this level may need some work.6. Celestial body.This is the level associated with divine love, and, when healthy, looks like gorgeous streams of rainbow-colored light. Meditation is especially effective for charging this level, and without a strong sixth level, it will be difficult for you to have the spiritual experiences you're seeking.7. Causal body.Think of this level like a golden egg around your body's protective coating that keeps your energy field safe and contained.It's the energy body that I look to during a personal clearing, because there can be a lot of information to be gained about dis-ease and unease a person may be experiencing.It's in the energy body that I'll view etheric cords, chakras, and past-life as well as present-life artifacts that represent the dis-ease and unease. And its through those cords, chakras, and artifacts that healing potential can be unlocked.So, there's our primer on the seven levels of the energy field.-----------

Hat tip: Deborah King

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