5 Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving... It's my favorite holiday. It comes with a unique set of blessings which support its favored position; blessings that I'm deeply grateful for. Here they are:Thanksgiving Blessings ~ 5 Thanksgiving Blessings | Ellen M. Gregg

The break from the everyday is the first blessing.

From the tradition of the start-of-day Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, to the end-of-day holiday movie, the opportunity to step away from the norm, and to be in an all-day spirit of presence to the power of giving thanks is such a gift.

The chance to gather with family that I only see this time of year is the second blessing.

The cousins who I grew up gathering with on this holiday are like old friends. While a year may have slipped by since we last saw each other, we pick up right where we left off.

The pre-December serenity is the third blessing.

Even with the growing commercialism that continues to insidiously encroach on this day, there is an air of peace that abounds. It's as if the whole country draws a collective breath before plunging into the frenzied activity that December seems to bring.

The gratitude is the fourth blessing.

It maybe could be deemed obvious, and yet I'm feeling it isn't. The Thanksgiving holiday itself is powered by an intention of gratitude, and yet it could be all too easy to get into a headspace of busyness, and rushing to get through it in order to get ready for the end-of-year frenzy.

The Thanksgiving holiday itself is the fifth blessing.

In amongst holidays that hold an expectation of giving or doing something involving an expenditure of money, with an underlying air of comparison, Thanksgiving stands out as a lighthouse.There are no gifts to be purchased. There are no self-limiting expectations to be met.Thanksgiving holds a place of honor as a holiday that treasures coming together to feel and express gratitude.

♥ Gratitude for ourselves.

♥ Gratitude for each other.

♥ Gratitude for abundance, in general.

♥ Gratitude for life.

♥ Gratitude for love.

It's beautiful. It's a blessing.

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