The 5 Realms of Spiritual Development

Last week, we talked about the role of the seven main chakras in spiritual development. This week, we're turning our hearts to the actual realms of spiritual development.A story first: This past Saturday, I participated in the 2015 Global Meditation for Compassion, led by Deepak Chopra. As I tuned into Deepak and his riveting pre-meditation discussion, he mentioned something about enlightenment.As if on cue, into my consciousness poured the understanding that there were five realms; four of which led to the fifth: enlightenment. It was unexpected and very cool information to receive.

What are the Realms of Spiritual Development?

This is where the esoteric meets the deeply spiritual. The realms of spiritual development are the phases through which we pass on our way to the ultimate: enlightenment.There are five realms; a pretty tight-knit grouping, in the grand scheme of things. Each has a specific purpose. None of them represent a specific time frame for completion. (And there is no completion when it comes to the fifth realm.)Full disclosure: This is an edited transcription of information received from higher beings, using modern-day speech for ease of reading. Now that you know that...Let's put on our headlamps and go exploring the various realms of spiritual development.

The Human Realm

The human realm is where we're at. It's the 3D world; the most commonplace of the realms in terms of human understanding.What's interesting about the human realm is, for those who are awakening - those who have recognized their spiritual beingness, and are actively exercising their realized abilities - there is an opportunity to perceive in 4D.Those who have reached that point of visioning are more likely to be Earth angels. Those who haven't are either lightworkers or crystal children who may yet reach that stage of development on the Earth plane.In either case, the potential of 4D is best seen as a preview of coming attractions for the higher realms.


The spirit realm is that which is inhabited by crossed-over loved ones and pets. The rainbow bridge brings pets here, as the light brings their humans here. The spirit realm is the level at which spirit guides are chosen from the crossed-over and prepared to pair with their earthly charges.This realm is the hub for mediums and psychics to determine information. They can communicate with loved ones and spirit guides, as well as crossed-over pets. (There is little chance of going wrong in terms of accessing an earthbound spirit due to the blocked energetic frequencies that are safeguards of this realm.)


The next realm of spiritual development may seem like a big leap until you consider that crossed-over spirits are angels-in-waiting. All crossed-over spirits have the opportunity to train for the angel realm. Whether they do or not is their choice, as long as they've met the earthly criteria to do so. (Karma.)The angel realm includes the archangels that we're all familiar with: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Ezekiel, and Metatron, for example. It also includes the lesser-known, such as Dotimur (the angel of friendship).Our guardian angels - whether archangels or not - come from this realm, along with a host of other angels that include cherubim and seraphim.This is the realm accessed through angel cards and prayer.

Ascended Masters

This realm puts us closest to enlightenment without actually attaining it. The ascended masters are those who were great spiritual leaders in their human forms, and spiritual mentors in solely spirit form.This is the realm of Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Gandhi, St. Germain, Kwan Yin, and more.There are thousands of ascended masters; male and female. They are the holders of the wisdom of the ages, and the keepers of the Akashic records.They are the speakers of the divine truth and the teachers of the golden rules.

The One

This is the penultimate realm. It's the realm to which those who have ascended through the other realms go, and form the grid which is the Universal One. This is the space in which there is no form; only light and sound; only raw energy.In this realm, there is no feeling or perception or knowledge to be had. It is an expression of all that is, that ever was, and ever will be. It is the great cosmic make-up at its most prime. Some might call this realm "God."

There You Have It

Those are the five realms of spiritual development, with an asterisk to note that there's no spiritual development to be found or had in the fifth realm.And perhaps that's what makes the first four so valuable in terms of training and transition. They're our way to enlightenment.

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