5 Famous People I'd Love to Read For

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm divulging the top-five famous people I'd love (love, love, love!) to read cards for.31 Days of Tarot, Day 25: 5 Famous People I'd Love to Read For: Prince, Carrie Fisher, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Elizabeth GilbertAn interesting group, yes?There were no restrictions around choosing those living in human form or living in spirit, thank goodness.


There's such an intriguing softness to this eclectic rocker. I've been a fan since before "Purple Rain," and although my interest in some of his newer music was less than that of his older music, my interest in him didn't wane.It was such a shock to learn he passed. I texted my sister immediately, because we shared hours and hours of history underscored by Prince's music. She couldn't believe it any more than I could.I imagine his reading would reveal a lot about him as a spiritual person. The depths of Prince's life were unknown to us, save for conjecture. There was so much more to him than what we saw.

Carrie Fisher

I've been wanting to draw cards for Carrie Fisher ever since she passed. It's quite the thing to realize that restrictions - actual or chosen - no longer exist now that she's no longer "walking on land," so to speak.In fact, I can safely say that I feel some divine urging around drawing cards for Ms. Fisher. So, that's exactly what I'm going to do, right now*.31 Days of Tarot, Day 25: Cards for Carrie Fisher ~ From Wizards Tarot: Knight of Pentacles, 8 of Swords, Knight of CupsAs sometimes happens with me, these cards are meant to be read from right to left. Let's find out what they have to say.Knight of Pentacles ~ The lifetime presented much work and effort. The lifetime became more challenging through the energies of the alcohol and drugs, even past their use. The lifetime asked less of the woman than she understood it to. The woman made the lifetime more difficult in this way.Eight of Swords ~ The woman became a prisoner to her dis-ease. The dis-ease was of the chemical imbalance, and yet the dis-ease was agitated by the dis-ease of the addiction. Through this means, the prisoner was born. To the end, there was a sense of imprisonment which was unable to be ignored.Knight of Cups ~ The passing from human back into spirit has reminded the woman who was of the world that is. In this way she now sees her unspoken truth of the ideal way she could enjoy and yet distanced herself from. The truth, now known, is freeing and has shown her how powerful she truly was and truly is.For those who might not be familiar with how I work, the italicized text is channeled from my guides, since Ms. Fisher's guides are no longer necessary to her.And... Well. Those messages make great sense, given what's possible to know about Ms. Fisher without personal knowledge of her. I confess, tears sprang to my eyes when I flipped over the Eight of Swords. The sense of imprisonment is palpable.As for the Knight of Pentacles, I certainly believe he "fills the bill" in regards to the challenges Carrie faced. And then there's the Knight of Cups, who beautifully resolves everything that needs it.A final note: I understand that Ms. Fisher completed her soul contract for this lifetime. That's to say, as untimely as her passing may feel to us, it was apparently timely for her.

Meryl Streep

Ms. Streep sweeps me away with her stellar performances in movies that would take too much time to list here. Her acting genius, for me, is matched by her very true-to-life caring for people and their lives; perhaps especially women.There's a well of strength that runs deep and true in this woman. And it's a well that empowers her to speak up even when she knows that the feedback will be mixed; even when she knows what she has to say won't be popular across the board.I deeply appreciate that about her. There's a bubbling well of appreciation in me for her, and I feel the cards would reveal just how much she's given and will continue to give in support of humanity.

Johnny Depp

Okay. It isn't fair that as I put my attention to Mr. Depp, I taste dark chocolate. Maybe there's a chocolate Tarot or oracle deck that would benefit a reading for him? 😘Here again is another intriguing person who appears to be two-dimensional and yet feels more like four-dimensional. I just heard, "Still waters run deep," and as trite as it may be, that definitely feels like a fit for Johnny.I expect a reading for Mr. Depp would prove to be eyebrow-raising. It feels like there'd be so much coming up for him - not just from this life, to be sure - that it would be nearly head-spinning.As a reader, that would be both challenging and fun.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Ah, dear Liz. It certainly isn't only your human life that would shine through in a reading. The inner workings of the spirit Liz would surely illumine the reading and enliven the messages.Even just in writing those few sentences, I can feel the energies of ancestors entering as though on cue.It would take no effort to open a vivid conversation with Ms. Gilbert's "kinfolk," as I just heard, and learn how the women in her family are using Liz as a "vessel" for their strength and supporting her and her "great work."Yes, a reading for Ms. Gilbert would be divine, indeed.

If you had to choose one...

If you had to choose one of these people for me to do a reading for (well, minus Carrie, it seems), who would you choose?


I'd love to read for you! Maybe it's time for you to dig into the event that's been nagging at you, or the relationship that "got away," or your whole health, or a situation that needs attention. Consider an email reading with me.

*This post was written and scheduled for publication on January 17, 2017.

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