40 Days of Oneness (or 40 Days Without Negativity)

     When I signed up for the 40 Days of Oneness event several months ago, I did so because of the challenge it presented.  I like the idea of truly coming from a place of positivity; making a choice to do so.  What I didn't realize is what I would end up doing in preparation for it ... and I have to wonder if that is the hidden portion of this grand scheme.

     Over the past couple weeks I have been irritable, which is just not how I tend to be.  I've been cranky, tearful, fearful, resentful and unkind (to myself) and it has been very uncomfortable.  The thing is, I really haven't been able to shake it up until the past couple days as I'm noticing those things falling away.  More interesting, they're falling away as I'm accomplishing another purging - something I didn't think was possible given all I've purged over the past couple years.

     I've purged clothing I haven't worn in years or just needed to be thrown away (stained, overly worn, etc.), I've purged more knick-knacks, unnecessary paperwork, magazines, food items.  Yesterday and today I purged my Facebook account.  I started with 540 "friends" and have whittled my list down to 154.  I was surprised at the self-doubt that accompanied the deletion of all those people from my account - I was actually worried that people I haven't seen in 27 years would think badly of me.  What's up with that?  That is all about my ego, which I gave a good talking to (my ego's name is Elvira and she is wicked).  I also purged the Facebook-based games that have taken up far too much of my time and energy.  I had a big "aha" around them a couple days ago and realized that they were definitely a negative for me and so had to go.

     In addition to all the purging of things and energy that I perceive as negative, I am committing to only viewing the TV shows I DVR, movies On Demand and listening to my favorite music channels.  The TV will not go on for the sake of being on and I won't surf stations looking for something to watch.  I have other choices to make:  read one of the books in my burgeoning stack of "must-reads", go for a walk, call or visit family and friends, go to the beach, do some writing ... DO something positive instead of sitting on my behind in front of that box.  Also, in the technology column, my super-smart cell phone will not be used for anything other than calls and texts on weekends.  I have become far too accustomed to checking Facebook, Twitter and e-mail constantly because I can.  For me, that is no longer okay; it's become a negative and so it must stop.

     That is where I'm at.  Cleaning up and clearing out the negative to make that much more room for the positive and for Spirit.  It is a loving process that I expect to continue over the next several weeks during the Oneness event.  I'm looking forward to it.

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