3 More Senses of Intuition

Last week, I identified five senses of intuition:

  1. Clear Feeling: Clairsentience
  2. Clear Seeing: Clairvoyance
  3. Clear Smelling: Clairalience
  4. Clear Hearing: Clairaudience
  5. Clear Tasting: Clairgustance

This week, I'm identifying three more senses of intuition:

  1. Clear Knowing: Claircognizance
  2. Mind Reading: Telepathy
  3. Object Reading: Psychometry

3 More Senses of Intuition


This intuitive sense is the inexplicable knowledge of something - or someone - about which you have no prior knowledge. It's as though the information is downloaded into your mind without any conscious - or unconscious - request for it.For example: I was talking with someone about their career, and suddenly knew they were considering moving to Paris, even though they hadn't mentioned moving or Paris to me in the scope of the conversation.Another example: If you were in a building and suddenly knew details about it that only the owner, architect, or builder could possibly know.This intuitive sense is known as claircognizance: clear knowing.I do find a strong similarity between claircognizance and clairsentience. Perhaps that's because they "play" so well together. I invite you to consider how that might be.

Mind Reading

This intuitive sense is the ability to receive information from another person without the usage of any physical senses or methods. It's possible that a full-blown conversation could happen in this way.For example: Consider how this comes up with twins and other multiple births, or siblings who are very close. It's sometimes said that the siblings know what each other is thinking without them saying a word.Another example: Close friends or family members who are known to finish each other's sentences.I've experienced both of these scenarios with one of my friends and one of my cousins, in particular.This intuitive sense is known as telepathy.

Object Reading

This intuitive sense is the ability to glean information from an object. Typically, it would be held in someone's hands, and they would relay the intuitive impressions they picked up from it. This can also be done without touching; by merely looking at something.For example: A psychic working with a police department might hold a murder weapon, and "read" it for information about the murderer and/or murder.Another example: I've had someone email me a photograph, and ask me for impressions. I was able to reply with a good-sized list of words and phrases that came to mind as I studied the image on my computer screen. I've done the same with images presented to me in the framework of my college studies, with verifiable results.This intuitive sense is known as psychometry, and I find it coexists with clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.

Bonus Sense of Intuition

Clear Full-Spectrum Sensing: Clair-all. I believe this could be self-explanatory, and yet, just in case, clair-all is my term for someone who has all "the clairs" and other intuitive abilities.I'm clair-all. I believe you're clair-all, too.To take it a step further, I believe we're all born with all of the intuitive abilities I've identified here over the past two weeks.Do you think that's possible? How does that possibility make you feel?

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