3 Everyday Exercises to Grow Your Intuition

Intuition... It's a knowing we're all born with. It comes from our higher self - our soul - and works for our highest good.

For many of us, it's something we've forgotten is part of our make-up. That means, we have to acknowledge it's there, and then exercise it.

3 Everyday Exercises to Grow Your Intuition

Acknowledge Your Intuition

It's easy (easier?) to suppose that intuition is a gift that only certain people are born with.

  • That supposition is easy when you aren't consciously using your intuition. When you fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak, with no intention or intentional awareness, and hope for the best.
  • And that supposition may be easier when the messages - the feelings and signs and even outright memos - aren't what you want them to be. Easier, then, to blow them off as coincidences, or hogwash, or outright lies.

For humans, intuition can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, because it may very well (probably will) butt up against our ego, and our analytical left-brained thinking. We like to have explanations for things, and sometimes - maybe oftentimes - intuition has no explanation to offer.

So acknowledging it takes one part act of courage, one part act of faith, and one part act of love.

Beyond that, to fully appreciate its capability, you must exercise it.

Exercise Your Intuition

Intuition is just like any other muscle. Without exercise, it weakens, and may even atrophy. With exercise, it strengthens, and it grows.

Assuming you want to grow your intuition (I hope you do!), here are three exercises you can practice every day:

1. Consider a Card

Whether you have divination cards or playing cards, or - ooh! - others' business cards, turn them back side up, and give them a shuffle. Now, pick one, keeping its back side to you. Consider that card. Touch it, if that feels right.

On a piece of paper, make note of any words, images, songs - anything - that come to mind. Also, note any feelings you may experience. No self-editing in this space.

When you feel complete, flip the card over. Be open to comparing the card and your notes in a metaphorical and symbolic sense, as well as straightforward.

2. Ponder a Picture

This will work best with printed pictures, and it may be helpful if the pictures aren't yours. Consider partnering with a loved one, and each bring a stack of pictures to exchange for this exercise.

Approach it similar to the card exercise. Make note of any words, images, songs, etc., that come to mind. Make note of any feelings you experience. No self-editing.

In addition, as you consider and/or touch the back of the image you're working with, intend that you will discern...

  • if there are any people in it
  • what objects it might depict
  • what building(s) might be in it
  • where (city/state/country) it was taken

Be open to comparing the image and your notes in a metaphorical and symbolic sense, in addition to straightforward.

3. Know Who

Next time - even better: every time - a text or an email or some other person-related notification sounds on your phone, pause. Take a breath. Close your eyes, if you can. Tune in. Lean in. Permit yourself to know who it's from.

It may be that you'll hear a song, see or hear a word, see an image, or feel an emotion. Trace the dots. When a name or a face or a knowing comes to mind, check your text or email or other app.

Results Will Vary

As with exercising physical muscles, the results of exercising intuition will vary from person to person. Keep at it. Be patient. Be persistent. Have fun.

Practice makes progress.

Once you open yourself through exercises of this nature, your intuition will come out to play.

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