Musings On the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Musings On the 2017 Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse has come and gone at the physical level, one week ago today, and yet its energy is just getting started on us.I recorded feelings and musings about the energy of the eclipse as it occurred, in real time. This podcast and its transcription, which you'll find below, encompasses the experience.Musings On the 2017 Solar Eclipse ~ Intuitive Ellen

Musings On the 2017 Solar Eclipse Podcast

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Musings On the 2017 Solar Eclipse: Transcription

This is a grouping of recordings I made during the eclipse on August 21. They were made over the course of about an hour and a half or so.There is a pretty significant difference in volume from this introduction to the recordings I made yesterday, so please be aware of that. You will most likely wish to adjust your volume settings, especially if you're using earbuds or earphones.I hope you enjoy my musings on the 2017 solar eclipse.I'm sitting here on the deck. I have my eclipse glasses, which work fantastically well. The only thing I wish they could do is take a picture as we're going along here, because it's just amazing to see what's happening.And I wanted to make note of the fact that since around 3:30 or 4:00 yesterday [Sunday, 20 August], there has been a lot of spirit activity around me. My on-and-off spirit guide, Jasper - he was a long-time constant and now he visits - he's been hanging around for the better part of the past 22 hours or so, and he's here now.I can always tell when he's around because he's the one who smells like cigarette smoke. And also my Nana Blanche, who is my mom's grandmother. I always know when she's present because she smells like a fresh-baked loaf of bread. She's not here right now, but she has been off and on.And it's just such a curious thing. I asked about Jasper's presence and I know it's because of the energies of the eclipse and what they could mean for me with - I just heard, "at a cellular level," which is I guess not so surprising. I think that part of this big change the eclipse is bringing in is an opportunity to upgrade to our energetic systems.For some of us it feels like this will be a more extensive upgrade than for others. And it's neither good or bad, or right or wrong. It's just the way it is and it's just what we're ready for. Some people are just not ready for a larger upgrade. And so it will be a series of smaller ones that will - sorry about that phone - equal a larger upgrade.So, just some notes about what I'm noticing, what I'm feeling and... more to come.And now, having said that, Nana is here along with Jasper. So, that's pretty cool.Feeling into the energies of where we're at right now with the eclipse, I know I'm vibrating, big-time. I'm grounded and I'm shielded, and yet I'm vibrating like crazy. And... Not noticeably. Like, I'm holding out my hand and it looks pretty steady.  Yeah. There's no tremor or anything. It's an internal thing. It's an energetic thing. Fascinating.It's 2:11 my time, which is pretty cool. Lots of synchronicities today around numbers. I've seen a lot of spirit numbers, mostly; the elevens. Saw 12:34. Saw 1:23. Saw 11:11. Yeah, it's been really interesting, numerologically speaking. And I just heard, "It's in alignment."Oh, I feel like, actually, my guides are going to talk, so I'll let them do that.

And we notice the numbers are in keeping with what happens with the eclipse. The numbers are asking for attention, are asking for awareness, are asking for perspective and also for sensitivity. We wish that you will be noticing how you are feeling past the eclipse, as opposed to before or during the eclipse. This will be of assistance in understanding the scope of the energy and also the change for each person. When the eclipse is complete there will be some sort of a numbness and then there will be feeling.

Oh, that's really interesting. "Numbness." Not numbness in the case of, like, shock, but numbness... It almost feels like a transition; a necessary transition; almost like sensation is purposely shut down so that there can be a reboot to the system and new sensation can come in.

And also a sensation which will be familiar and yet we notice that there will be also new sensations. There will be new awareness. There will be new abilities to appreciate and also to enjoy and work with, and also to be in opening for.

Yeah. Lots riding on this eclipse. Not in the way of it's a do-or-die thing. More in the way of there's just a lot to it. There are a lot of moving parts. There's a lot of opportunity and potential.And it's ushering in a big change, and that will be interesting to see unfold on a global scale; at the collective level; at the Earth level. To see what will result from these really high, strong, intense energies.Hmm... As I said, fascinating.I need to take a picture of my view. The trees are just magnificent.A Deck with a View: My view from the deck on 21 August, 2017. ~Intuitive EllenOne thing that's been really cool as time has gone along here, is how the light has changed. Even with it being full sun, and we do have some fair-weather clouds around but they have not obscured what's happening at all, which is pretty miraculous...Like, here I am sitting out on the deck, and I'm super fair-skinned, and I don't typically sit in the sun at all because I'm so fair-skinned, and because I always joke, "Give me ten minutes in the sun and I'll give you a lobster," 'cause that would be me after ten minutes in the sun. It's my Irish and Scottish heritage.The quality of the light is almost like a storm coming in; like a thunder storm or something. And yet, the sun is out; the trees are lit.And looking up through the glasses, there's this illusion that the moon is moving left while the sun is moving right, when in reality they both move to the right; so, moving toward the West. From East to West is typical of my region.And so to have that strange perception that when it started, it looked like the moon was overshadowing from the right of the sun, and now it looks like the moon is overshadowing from the left of the sun is... It's again, obviously, an illusion because of the way they're both moving.In entering into a really deep awareness of how I'm feeling again, about an hour after I first started making this recording (I keep pausing it and then adding to it.), I'm noticing the vibration I was feeling earlier has calmed down. It's still present, and yet there's this calmness that has entered in.Everything feels so tranquil, fluid. It's a beautiful feeling. It's almost hypnotic in quality. I feel like I was in a hammock, I'd be totally out of it. Maybe seven years from now, when New Hampshire experiences a total eclipse - weather permitting... April in New Hampshire there could be snow on the ground, but if there isn't, if it's a nice day, dress warmly and make arrangements to lie out somewhere to observe the process and let myself float on that wave of energy and notice how different it is.I guess that's the quality, too. It feels very much like floating even sitting here in this deck chair. And it is a chair that swivels and it rocks. I love a rocking chair. And so I'm sitting here, gently rocking, eyes closed, talking into my phone's voice recorder and just soaking up the experience.And soaking up some vitamin D without worrying about burning, which is such a novelty. I'm very grateful. And I can hear traffic going by, which you may, too. I can hear squirrels up in the trees chomping away at whatever they're chomping away at, sometimes calling out to each other. I can hear insects, birds, the occasional voice from a neighbor.But the sum of everything is... I'm actually being shown a wheel. Like, all those things I just mentioned are spokes on a wheel, not in. Because I'm being shown a wheel and then the spokes are outside the wheel, radiating out from the perimeter of the wheel. So, I guess, more like a sun. And the interior of that "sun" is dark.So, isn't that, then, what this is? The moon obscuring the sun so you don't see the sun itself, and yet if you're in a totalitarian zone for the eclipse, you do see the radiance around the perimeter of the moon. So many nuances to this.And I'm noticing a lot of energy in my solar plexus chakra and my throat chakra, but mostly in my solar plexus. It feels like a humming. And if I look at it - when I intend that I can see what it looks like - I can see the wheel of the chakra spinning. And I just heard, "spinning in time with the sun."That makes me wonder, too:

  • How much of this is a reset in the terms of recalibrating us to be in better rhythm with the sun and the moon?
  • How much of this is meant to reattune us to the energy of nature... the energy of the cosmos?

And... I'll let my guides talk.

We notice that we would say that this in great part what is necessary and what will happen for many people. And this is also why many people will experience an increase in their intuitive abilities, as they are in wonderful proximity with their way of being centered.

That's something I hadn't considered 'til now. I'm glad I was guided to just come and sit with this eclipse, because sitting out here has been pretty magical.I just paused this recording again and put my eclipse glasses back on and looked up, and noticed that now I am looking through tree tops at the sun. It's dipping low enough to make that a very cool addition to the picture. To see the leaves in silhouette at the tops of those trees and to see the sun and the moon simultaneously beyond that is just another really cool component to all of this.And it reminds me too of how the season is rapidly changing. And I'm certainly not pushing it. We're still a month out from the Autumn Equinox, and yet we've reached that point here in New Hampshire where I always think of it as the Summer switch goes off and the Autumn switch comes on. And it happened probably about eight or ten days ago.There's just a different quality to the air, and the trees start looking different. The squirrels get busy, like they are right now, feeding and collecting. Some plants are starting to go to seed.This sense of being more in tune with nature and its courses.The Wheel of Fortune from Tarot can often be about the various markers in our life: birth, death, marriage, graduation. All those things that we mark our lives with. And instead, the wheel that I'm seeing here is much more about what happens when the sun doesn't rise as high up in the sky; what happens when the days get shorter; the nights get longer.And not just what happens that we observe out in nature, but what happens within us. What stirs within us? What quiets within us? What do we need to know about that? How can we embrace that? How can we work with it? How can we permit it to alter the fabric of our lives in a way that will support us and guide us?Something to consider, for sure.I'm tasting water in my mouth and feeling like I just inhaled water through my nose, like you might accidentally do jumping into a pool or going underwater. I don't know why that is.

We notice that of course the moon energy is that of water, and for this we notice water is inhabiting as a way of working with the energy of the eclipse. Water is flowing through. Water is cleansing. Water is clearing. Water is reenergizing.

Yeah, so here we are in this, I just heard, "suspension" part of this process. And so here's that energy that was discussed through a channeled message earlier in this recording about feeling... The word "neutralized" just came up, but numbness; a feeling of numbness. And actually that kind of feels like what I'm entering into at this point.There's a sort of numbness. It's beyond tranquility. It's extremely neutral. When I mentioned peace and tranquility earlier I had a smile on my face and it felt really good. This feels like there's nothing to feel. There's just nothing. And I'm completely okay with that because it's part of this experience...As I'm hearing a plane go by overhead, it moving on its trajectory while the sun and the moon move on their trajectory, I'm really struck by the fact that the plane is a fabricated object - something that humans built with metal and wire and electrical components - and the difference between it and the moon, and it and the sun.And that feels really important, too: the difference between those two things. Pointing out the difference between our humanness and our soulness. Because our humanness is also a fabrication, whereas our soulness is as the sun and the moon.I just heard, "celestial." I just heard, "embodied."I wonder how it would have felt to be in a totalitarian zone, with the complete darkness of the eclipse, and how it might have felt being in that darkness in the middle of the day, even just for the two minutes or so that it occurs.Would it have felt like some kind of inertia?I'm being shown "Stranger Things" and that concept of the Upside Down. I wouldn't want to equate those two minutes with the Upside Down from "Stranger Things." Not very pleasant. Just different. In talking about that, here's that wheel again; that dark-centered wheel with the golden spokes which are made of the sun.And they're showing me a person at the 6:00 [head at 12:00, feet at 6:00] on what is both a clock and a wheel, here. And then the head is at the 6:00 position and the feet are at the 12:00 position. So it's the same solarscape, and yet the human is perceiving it in an upside down way.There's that "a day without a night, a night without a day" in that movie "Ladyhawke." And that's what the eclipse is: A day without a night, a night without a day.And for me, the show is over. The sun has dipped down far enough behind the tops of the trees that I can't see how the moon is moving across it anymore. The bulk of the backyard has gone into shadow. And I'm in shadow, too. No longer any sun shining on me out here on the deck.So, I guess I will head back in and contemplate this experience more as I'm writing up the transcription of this recording. See what else might come up from my guides, and just enjoy the energy because the energy's beautiful... really open.Thanks for listening.

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