12/21/2012: Rebirth

This is it.I thought (assumed) this would be a grandiose summary of my related, and very popular, posts on 12/21/2012. (First one here and second one here.)I was wrong about that, and I'm aged - er - evolved :-) enough that I can admit (and appreciate) there's no need to write a lengthy post to over-complicate what's a blessedly unassuming doorway into a new energy pattern.For many people, the bottom line is, the world didn't end, as I know since I'm writing this and you know since you're reading this.We're here. Shocker, right? ;-)What are we going to do about what now is? And what makes today different than yesterday?

It's All About Choices

It's all about what we, as individuals, choose to do.As with anything we choose to do, we have to take that first step. And although it might feel somehow safer to wait for "the right moment," there's a flaw with that pause.

The Right Moment

The reality is, there is no "right moment."The reality is, today, right now, this very instant, is the only moment we have. So, what are we waiting for?We must go forth as a light into and upon the world.We must be bold and daring in what we choose to do ( remember: there is no try).We must (please, oh, please!) make love and make peace and join in the co-creation of a better world.

Happy Solstice

The Winter Solstice here in the United States arrived at 6:12am EST (of course it did; there's that 12 again), and makes today the shortest day of the year.Tomorrow, we return to the light.I am incredibly blessed, and hope you are, too.

Christmas Presence

12/12/12: The Beginning is Near