Intuition curious? If “yes,” you’ve come to the right place. Welcome.

 Intuition provides us with the fairest and clearest voice when it comes to answering life’s questions - small or big. Our intuitive voice may seem more like a whisper at times, and yet with intention and consistent practice it grows louder until it’s the first voice we hear when we have a decision to make or an action to take.

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We are 50% human. Our other 50% is soul. And yet that’s something we forget, or choose to overlook, or maybe don’t believe is real or possible. The thing is, if we’re only living into our humanness, we’re missing out on the mystical and magical qualities that support a well-balanced and co-creative life.

That’s why I created The Portals.

Exploring Intuition portal

Exploring Intuition guides you through the six intuitive senses:

  1. clairalience ~ clear smelling

  2. clairaudience ~ clear hearing

  3. claircognizance ~ clear knowing

  4. clairgustance ~ clear tasting

  5. clairsentience ~ clear feeling

  6. clairvoyance ~ clear seeing

Each sense has its own module, and includes explanations, examples and exercises for supporting you to remember and explore your own innate intuitive capabilities.

Exploring Energy Healing portal

Exploring Energy Healing serves up a remembering through activating your internal energy healing system - something we all possess. From there, it guides you through:

  1. healing yourself

  2. healing others

  3. healing situations

  4. healing matter and

  5. healing spaces

Each topic is its own module, offering explanations, examples and exercises for supporting you to put energy healing into daily practice in your life. In addition, the very practical matter of what’s needed for an energy healing business is included.

Exploring Reading Oracle & Tarot Cards portal

Exploring Reading Oracle & Tarot Cards walks you through the basics of reading cards, including:

  1. Interpreting the cards intuitively

  2. Reading cards for yourself

  3. Reading cards for others

  4. Reading cards in group settings

  5. Working with and creating spreads

It also addresses choosing between oracle and Tarot cards for a reading, and offers practical suggestions and product recommendations for getting started as a professional card reader.

The Portals…

…are a complimentary resource when you subscribe to my SoulLetter email list. Yes, that means they’re free.

When you subscribe to SoulLetter, which arrives on the full and new moons, you begin with my personal method for grounding, shielding and clearing myself, my home and the planet. It’s delivered through a downloadable audio recording and transcription.

Next, you receive the first module of Exploring Intuition. Once you complete that portal, you have the option of entering either Exploring Energy Healing or Exploring Reading Oracle & Tarot Cards. And once you’ve completed the second portal, you have the option of continuing into the remaining portal.

Is your intuition curiosity sufficiently piqued? If “yes,” you’re ready to enter the portals. Subscribe here:

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