Five Free Things To Do This Weekend

Five Free Things To Do This Weekend

A to Z Challenge: FFree at last!

For many of us, it’s Saturday. The work week is done, it’s the weekend, and we’re all about sleeping in, enjoying a late breakfast, getting out into the fresh air, relaxing, and having fun.

For me, I have to add being inspired to that list. I love to be inspired.

If you’re on a tight budget like I am, you have to be creative with the having fun part, because there isn’t a lot of – if any – extra cash for going out on the town. Lucky for us, we’ve got options.

Five Free Things To Do This WeekendHere, then, are five free things to amplify your weekend fun:

1. For bookworms: Free books for your Kindle (56,041 at the time of this writing), and your Nook

2. For movie buffs: Enjoy a one-month free trial of Netflix, and/or a one-week free trial of Hulu Plus

3. For get-out-and-go-ers: Free attractions in all 50 United States (pop-up ads, but good information). Of course, there’s always a nice walk or jog at your local park, or a stroll along the beach.

4. For life-long learners: 700 (!) free online courses from top universities.

5. For inspire-me types: TED talks are unsurpassed in the inspiration department. Recent notables are Amanda Palmer and George Takei.

And with that, we’ve – you and I – made it through the first week of the A to Z Challenge. Holy Hannah! :-)

Before I sign off, I thought I’d share this: Since writing six posts wasn’t enough this week, I’m also the featured guest post over at The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing today. Why not? Go big or go home and all that. ;-)

Do you have any tips to share from the free department?

Peace. ~Ellen

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  1. Hi Ellen, I do the A-Z challenge too. I use my blog on Blogger for that though so my comments show up as WP when I comment on WP. I like Netflix on the weekends. Free entertainment, well sort of….I’ve never checked out hulu. But a walk today would be good too.

    • Hello. :-) Yes, Netflix is free for the first 30 days – after that, you have to pay for the service. It’s a good day for a walk here, too. I’ve been out a couple times doing odds and ends, but I don’t think that counts. ;-)

  2. Nice tips Ellen! Me? I prefer down time with movies and the net. If the hubs and I are doing something it will usually cost but I can always find something fun to do around the house or take Titan for a ride and then a walk. These are great tips though! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love TED talks, they are so inspiring!

    • Agreed! I was fortunate to attend a TEDX event back in the fall, and it was an incredible experience in person. Imagine eight TED talks delivered live, with the opportunity to interact with the speakers. :-)